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Program Varenna Airshow 2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019
From 10:30am – 12:00
Test Flights of Acrobatic Planes
CAP 231 – CAP 231 DS
From 12:00 – 12:30pm

Sunday, September 29, 2019
From 10:30am – 12:00
Main Air Show
Acrobatic Planes CAP 231 – CAP 231 DS
Military Airforce SAR Helicopter
Rescue Demonstration - HH 139 AM SAR
Seaplanes from the Air Club of Como
From 12:00-12:30pm
Main Air Show Exhibition

The only difference between the performance on the two days will be in the smoke from the aircraft. On Saturday the “Frecce Tricolori” will perform with white smoke while on Sunday, they will perform with three-colored smoke.The “Arrows” will fly even if is raining or if the wind is blowing (unless conditions are extreme), but they do not fly when there is heavy fog.
For more information contact:
Municipality of Varenna (Association of Tourism):T/F +39 0341 830367
E-mail: infoturismo@comune.varenna.lc.it
Website: www.varennaturismo.com
Association of Tour Operators of Varenna and Perledo (AOT):
E-mail: aot.varennaperledo@gmail.com
Website: www.varennaitaly.com
The Municipality of Varenna and the Association of Tour Operators of Varenna and Perledo are pleased to announce that this year the "Frecce Tricolori" National Aerobatic Team will perform in the skies of central Lake Como, on the Varenna coast, for the acrobatic "Varenna Air Show", which can be admired on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September, 2019 from 10:30am to 12:30pm.The event that features world-renowned flight professionals will offer an Air Show of enormous charm and fascination. This event is able to take place thanks to Prima Aviation and the Aeroclub of Como with primary support from the Italian Air Force.To open the air show there will be a demonstration of the HH139A, a Leonardo (DaVinci) helicopter built in Italy. This will be followed by performances of other talented pilots and teams that will not fail to excite the audience. The participation of amphibious airplanes and seaplanes is also expected, which have both written unforgettable pages of aeronautical history right here on the waters of our Lake Como.To end the show, the long-awaited Frecce Tricolori will arrive in the skies of Varenna around 12:00. The PAN (National Acrobatic Patrol) was established in 1960 through the will of the Air Force General Staff who wanted to set up a department specifically dedicated to acrobatic training. The "Frecce Tricolori", the most popular acrobatic team that flies across skies all around the world with their spectacular acrobatics, include the best Italian pilots and are an expression of national values and ​​a passion for flying, and are an example of professionalism, self-sacrifice, spirit of body and a keen sense of discipline.

In Varenna at both the Ferry Boat Dock and up on the main church Piazza San Giorgio, there will be a variety of stands set up featuring Aeronautics, Flight Schools, Watches, and Aerial Models.
The village of Varenna is one of the most picturesque in Italy that a great journalist called "Living Nature". The two churches of San Giorgio (1600) and San Giovanni (1100), together with the gardens of the Villa Cipressi and the Villa Monastero, are destinations visited from all over the world.

Overlooking the center of Lake Como, the village of Varenna seems glued to the steep slope that goes up to Queen Teodolinda's Castle of Vezio and to the coast that stretches from Fiumelatte to Bellano and lies opposite of the coasts that reach from Oliveto Lario to Bellagio and the coasts that stretch from Cadenabbia and Griante to Menaggio and up to San Siro.

From these center of the lake villages and their surrounding hillsides it will be possible to admire the aerial performances from roads, paths, meadows, and shelters that climb on the "rising mountains from the water" of Manzoni's memory. Here the Frecce Tricolori, Helicopters, Seaplanes and Aerobatic Airplanes will create patterns in the blue of the sky for two unforgettable days.

Photo Credit goes to the following photographers:

( Ph. Zanardi, Ph. Razvan, Ph. A.M., Gruppo Maystrak Ph.)


Frecce in Volo...

sullo sfondo Bellagio e Varenna...


Elicottero HH139...

Passagio dei "Leoni" del 85° Areo soccorritori in mare



Protezione civile Brescia ...


La Scintilla

l'entusiasmante nuova figura del reparto acrobatico...



l'aeromobile in dotazione dal 1982...


Guido Racioppoli

con il suo acrobatico ZLIN 52.. ...


Il tricolore

sventolato dall'Elicottero HH139 AM...


Experience the show in prime row...

Poni 10 passa dal Via...

la foto ravvicinata della carlinga di una freccia...



frecce in formazione


Incrocio mozzafiato

impressionante figura incrociata dei velivoli" ...


MB.339 in volo radente

sembrano toccarsi, separati da pochi metri...


Volo variato

i velivoli sembrano impazzire...


Sincronia perfetta

come per incanto...


Volo rovesciato

Tonneau a ripetizione ...


"Frecce Tricolori" pilots 2019

Pony 0 – Maggiore Gaetano FARINA, Pony 1 – Maggiore Stefano VIT, Pony 2 – Capitano Alfio MAZZOCCOLI, Pony 3 – Capitano Emanuele SAVANI, Pony 4 – Capitano Franco Paolo MAROCCO, Pony 5 – Capitano Giulio ZANLUNGO, Pony 6 – Capitano Mattia BORTOLUZZI, Pony 7 – Capitano Pierluigi RASPA, Pony 8 – Capitano Alessio GHERSI, Pony 9 – Capitano Federico De Cecco, Pony 10 – Capitano Massimiliano SALVATORE, Pony 11 – Capitano Filippo BARBERO

The “Frecce Tricolori” (Three-Colored Arrows) 2019 Flight Squadron

Center of Lake Como Air Show
Varenna and Perledo Lakefront
“The Arrows” on Lake Como – Air Show 2019!

The mayor of Varenna, Mauro Manzoni, the administration and the whole village welcome you to Lake Como, an area so rich in history, culture, scenery, and hospitality.The arrival of the Frecce Tricolori in Varenna is the crown result of an excellent tourist season during the spring and summer period which has further increased on top of the already significant growth seen in previous years. This long sought-after event will give some prestige not only to our center lake area, where it will be possible to see most closely the acrobatic display of the planes, but also to the entire Lake Como territory of “Lario”.The two days will certainly be a unique and unprecedented opportunity for tourism promotion for Varenna, for the center of Lake Como and for the entire lake area. The images that will be imprinted in our skies from the acrobatics of the planes, in a marvelous landscape setting, will become the postcard that will spread to every part of the world and that will contribute to giving further visibility to our small village and its natural vocation to attract international fame.The event was made possible thanks to the Italian Air Force, the Frecce Tricolori, the Navigazione dei Laghi (Boat Navigation of Lake Como), the Aero Club of Como, AOT Varenna (Association of Tourist Operators of Varenna and Perledo) and Prima Aviation.

The development of such a complex event for a small village like Varenna is a huge undertaking. We thank all the supporters, all the authorities, and the large group of volunteers here on the center of the lake. There will be, as spectators, a large number of soldiers, pilots, cadets and former aviators who are enthusiastic about finding themselves in a mini-gathering for an occasion like this. We thank all those who have worked hard and have supported this initiative.

Giorgio Porta president of Aero Club Como
In Varenna and in the skies of the center of the lake you can observe one of the true illustrations of Italian excellence. Our Frecce will surely thrill both young and old. Wherever they go, they always attract a huge audience. Our Aero Club, an organization of historic importance at an international level, is currently a reference point for pilots from all over the world who intend to achieve their flight qualifications with Seaplanes. We are also offer a basic school for the training of young people who will continue their professional careers in flight. We will participate in the event with the spectacular landing of our seaplanes and with information at our stands by the ferryboat dock and up on the main church piazza. This is a powerful and unexpected opportunity to let the public know that a trip with our vehicles and the opportunity to experience the emotion of flying (and the sight of the lake and the mountains from a surprising perspective!) is within everyone's reach.

Giorgio Lanfranconi - presidente dell’AOT – Operatori Turistici di Varenna e Perledo
I discovered the Frecce Tricolori at the age of 16, in the village of Vergiate. l then viewed them again, years later, and they have always aroused in me the same emotions as when I was a boy. It is hard to believe that together with our associates, we are able to offer such an important event here from Varenna on the center of Lake Como. It should be emphasized that, unlike other Air Shows, it will be possible to see all the various planes in action not only from the lakeshore, but also from above in the hills and mountains and from the meadows and the many observation points that the territory offers. Our Aerobatic Patrol is number one in the world and is the only one to fly with ten aircraft. The Aermacchi Planes are still today among the best performing; a real business card of Italian technology. No other aerobatic team is able to perform the evolution of our pilots which is the result of extraordinary skill, training, discipline, team spirit and creativity. A powerful example for young people. For the foreign spectator, an indelible memory will remain, linked to the name of the country from which they will attend the exhibition. From the publicity point of view, it will have an effect and a rendering without comparison.

The best viewing of the event will be along the lakefront of Varenna and Perledo
(and in the hills above)


Boat navigation on the lake within the performance area is strictly forbidden from 10:00am to 13:00 on the dates of the performance. Boats must be secured by anchor or buoy or in port during the restricted times. The performance area of the lake will be marked by buoys and supervised by the local Police and Volunteers. There is also strict prohibition of overhead flight by other aircraft, flying objects or drones on the center of Lake Como during the dates and times of the performance.

Beachfront and Private Boats

You will not be allowed to swim in the lake or navigate or stop with a private boat inside the performance area on the center of Lake Como during the dates and times of the performance. Private boats will be allowed to stop or anchor in the lake to view the performance outside of the reserved area that will be marked by buoys and supervised by the local Police and Volunteers.

Parking and Public

In addition to the regular public parking in the villages on the center of Lake Como, a series of parking lots have been set up in private areas in the immediate vicinity along the lakeshore which will leave the beaches within walking distance. It is advised to arrive early and plan well. Traffic will be strictly forbidden from 9:00am until 13:00 on dates of the Air Show performances in many of the effected villages all over the center of Lake Como in order to allow easy passage and escape routes to the emergency vehicles. (See below for more information.).

Time tables

Saturday, September 28th
10:30am to 12.30
Test Flights

Sunday, September 29th
10:30am to 12.30
Main Air Show


Air Show Traffic and Important Safety Restrictions in Varenna!

Here is a summary of restrictions in the area affected by the Central Lake Air Show
that are marked by the colored areas to identify the coast in question.

• Area 7 of the “Passeggiata” walkway is reserved for emergency services and journalists
• Area 6 “Lido” Control Center is designated for the handicapped and disabled
• Public Parking in Varenna is available at the main Parking Garage and the Train Station
• First Aid Areas are provided throughout the coast by Civil Protection and the Red Cross.
• Boats are prohibited from navigating along the lakeshore
inside the performance area that is marked by the buoys
• Boats are allowed to stop/anchor outside of the performance area marked by the buoys
• Boats are strictly prohibited from stopping near a fixed buoy in the performance area
• Airplanes, Drones and other flying objects not authorized by the event's Director
are strictly prohibited from flying overhead the area during the performance
• All center of Lake Como boat navigation service will be suspended:
from 10:00am to 13:00 on Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th
• The roads will be closed to roads according to the provincial plan (below)
from 9:00 am until 13.00 on both Saturday and Sunday
with Traffic Allowed only to emergency vehicles, residents and pedestrians
•It will be possible to begin exiting from the parking lots used in the event area after 13:00



Useful comments on ways to reach Varenna on Sunday, September 29th

By Train: Trains will be operating to and from Varenna on their normal timetable

By Car: From 9:30am to 13:00 the SP72 road along the lake will be passable in a one-way direction from north to south starting from Bellano (towards Lecco) along the Bellano-Lierna section of the road.

From the area north of Varenna it will be possible to travel south along the lake and bypass Varenna using the Varenna bypass tunnel.

From the area South of Varenna (Lecco), you must travel north using the the upper SP36 (highway through the tunnels) and exit at Bellano and travel down towards the lake and then take SP72 south to Varenna.

From the area north of Varenna it will be possible to travel south and reach Varenna even after 9.30am, but you will not be able to return north to Bellano because of the one-way traffic restrictions in place until 13:00. Instead you can always continue south in the direction of Lecco.

Because the availability of parking in Varenna is limited, we recommend you consider taking the train or to make arrangements be taken to Varenna and be picked up after the performance.

As an alternative to road transport, especially for those coming by car from Milan or Como, consider reaching Varenna (or nearby center of the lake viewing areas) by private boat or water taxi or by the Orione Motorboat Cruise (see details below) thus allowing you to park away from the center of Lake Como.



We would like to thank the following for their contribution:

Prefecture, Police Headquarters, Lecco and Como, Lombardy Region, Carabinieri,
Guardia di Finanza, State Police, Traffic Police, Fire Brigade, AREU 118, Red Cross, Navigation Lakes, Basin Authority, ENAC, Aeroclub of Como,
ANC Ass. Nazionale Carabinieri on Leave, Pro Loco, Civil Protection,
Associations of Nautical Clubs and Divers
and all the private and public subjects that have contributed to the success of the event.


Air Show Areas for the Disabled and Handicapped People!

The Municipality of Varenna has the disabled at heart,
so hospitality for the disabled in the reserved "Zone Lido" Area 6 will be guaranteed.
See the "road map" in the main menu.



Official Videos

Lake CRUISE ...

Watch the Air Show from the water on Sunday, September 29th!
During the day of the Main Air Show it will be possible to book a wonderful cruise
and enjoy the Air Show from the Lake on the Orione Motorboat (700 seat capacity - Service Bar from 10:30 – 12:30).
Buy your ticket online at www.navigazionelaghi.it

Further information:

PRICE Return ticket from:
· Como, Tavernola - for Varenna € 23.20 until seats are exhausted;
· Cernobbio - for Varenna € 20.80 until exhaustion of seats;
· Como, Tavernola, Cernobbio - for Bellagio € 20.80 while seats last.
Children up to 4 years old free transport, children 4 - 11 years, about 50% of the ordinary rate.

8.30 Como / 8.40 Tavernola / 8.45 CernobbioAir Show Return from Varenna is at 15.30 on the Orione motorboat
for Cernobbio / Tavernola / Como.
Arrival is around 17:30 on the regular line schedule (with several scheduled stops).
There are three recommended parking lots
near the Cernobbio departure area of ​​the Orione motorboat.
Parking for those embarking in Como: Use city car parks.
For those embarking in Tavernola: Two car parks are available
(and easily reachable also from the A9 Mi-Chiasso motorway):
1 - Villa Erba Parking, Via Regina 2, Cernobbio. (500 mt on foot)
2 - Bennet Parking, Via Asiago 2, Como. (500 mt on foot)
Parking for those embarking in Cernobbio: Use city car parks.
Center of Lake Como regular boat navigation will be blocked between 10am and 12:30
on both Saturday, September 28th and Sunday September 29th.
The “Arrows” fly even if it is raining or windy, but they do not fly if there is fog.
The Frecce Tricolori exhibition concludes at 12.30.

Contact us

Via IV novembre, 7
Varenna (CO)
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Call our staff directly:

Air Show information:
T/F +39 0341 830367